How much do you “Like” facebook?

If you think the “facebook” is not affecting your business, think again!  People make decisions to go to coffee, eat pizza, or have dinner based on recommendations and information they see or find inside facebook.  The biggest factor that determines where they go?  Yep, what their friends recommend!

Check out this video by our good friends over @Likeable Media.

The current social media and Facebook-centric climate is boooooming!  Small business owners and marketers everywhere must consider the consequences and importance of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Is this the year that you make the decision to get into the pool?  C’mon, the water is great!

New Tool Makes Reservations a “Tweet!”

Every once in a while, someone will think of a great new way to use an existing tool or utility outside of what it may have originally been intended. Such is the case with James Bryant and Susumu Takao’s “Tweservation.”

The application is said to provide real-time restaurant promotions / confirmations using the Twitter platform. Think of it as an easy way to contact your favorite restaurant and book a table on Twitter and receive immediate confirmation through your mobile device without having to call, leave a voicemail, or wait for an e-mail to be returned.

Check out all the details on their website at