loyalTXT Builds 6,673 Customer Database in 5 Weeks

The Numbers

  • Opened: February 14, 2011
  • Location: Columbus, MS (population – 25,000)
  • 5 week membership count: 6,673
  • 5 week social media reach: 205,059
  • 5 week social media revenue: $3,199.00

An independently owned self-serve frozen yogurt shop located in Columbus, Mississippi, offers a variety of flavors and toppings. Customers serve themselves frozen yogurt and can then add toppings before weighing and paying a set price per ounce.

Opened on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011, this client was looking for a way to build a  large, opt-in customer database of mobile numbers and email addresses for recurring marketing.


Opening a new business can be a capital-intensive process, and initial marketing costs can quickly add up. This client recognized that to maximize their marketing dollars, they should work to collect data at the point of sale on every customer they successfully drove to the store during their opening weeks.


By implementing loyalTXT, the “card-less” mobile loyalty solution powered by Sundrop Mobile, this frozen yogurt shop had the ability to grow their customer database quickly and easily while still focusing on operating the new store.

The frozen yogurt shop employees ask customers at the time of purchase to join their loyalTXT mobile loyalty program, which simply requires the customer to provide their 10-digit mobile number while paying for their purchase. The customer’s mobile number is entered into the POS system and the customer immediately receives an SMS text message welcoming them to the frozen yogurt shop rewards program, beginning the process of collecting the remainder of the consumer’s contact information and building the yogurt shop’s customer database.

As a part of data collection process, customers have the option for a Facebook connection with loyalTXT.  When the customer connects, loyalTXT automatically creates Facebook entries, sharing their rewards and offers for their friends. These Facebook referrals led to quick database growth for the yogurt shop.


John Acker, owner, said, “With a minimal investment I have had amazing results with loyalTXT. It has been easy to grow a large customer database and still focus on running my business.    I’m pleased with how well loyalTXT complements and improves our social media efforts.”